Danzatelier - Miranda Welter - Studio für Tanz & Therapie

Therapy: reconnecting body and emotional healing

Talk, breath, movement, relaxation, massage, drawing, writing, voice, music, these are the tools of biodynamic therapy.

The caring therapist listens actively, offers comfort, accompanies the client in crisis, difficulties in a relationship, health disorders, decision-making, and through empathic dialogue opens the doors for reconnecting with the inner self, finding new options and discovering unexpected perspectives.

Individual or group sessions.

Infos on classes here or on request.


Specific professional or artistic guidance in individual sessions, by appointment

Therapy in warm water

Are you a water baby? Do you love being held and carried by the water? Let old rusty structures be soaked and softened, so they can flow again? Are you able to let go? To relax deeply? to float freely? – Or are you afraid of the water? Afraid of letting go? To give yourself? In the water, and also elsewhere? Safely held and carried you can enjoy the liquid element and discover unique possibilities of adventuring into new spaces and experiences and to widen your spectrum of options in playful and pleasurable ways – the water flows along. Dialogue and time for rest. In a pool with warm water.

Individual or group sessions: Infos on classes here or on request.

Miranda Welter, Biodynamic Therapist HKiT®

NLP Master Practitioner

Visiotherapist Visiomir method

Multiplicator primary addiction prevention CePT

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Danzatelier - Miranda Welter - Studio für Tanz & Therapie